A true homage to grunge, The Violet Stones can transport you to Seattle in the 90’s but with a more nightmare-like aggressive tone and experimental production.


Louis Libran is a powerhouse electro-pop alternative singer-songwriter and producer, born and raised in the western suburbs of Sydney. Combining his early musical influence of classic rock anthems with heavy and dark synths, restricted minimalistic pop structures and electronic sounds, Louis Libran often uses self-empowerment, personal experiences and politics as a basis for his lyrical choices. Libran often draws inspiration from the likes of Lady Gaga, Sevdaliza, Charlie XCX and Arca.


With a musical foundation built around classic rock, paired with heavy influence from her 2000s pop-punk ‘phase’, lead singer Eloise Stewart has something for everyone. Sharing stories of her past in the sweet melodic vocals, juxtaposed by grungy guitars, a driving bass line, and killer drum parts makes for a successful combination of talent working on this project.


Sarah Jane is a prolific Alt-Rock singer, songwriter from Sydney, Australia who has amassed a huge online following. Her new singles ‘Lately’  &  ‘Apparently’ give us a taste of what to expect on her new EP expected for release May 2021. With over 290,000 subscribers and 30 million views on YouTube it would be accurate to call the young musician a viral sensation.


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